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HS Bonsai Nursery located in the Shaxi Town, China, which has been famous as the hometown of ficus microcarpa bonsai , awarded by the Ministry of Forest of China in 2000. As the special grower of the ficus microcarpa bonsai, we could offer all shapes of ficus bonsai with high quality at available price. The varieties include ginseng ficus , S shape ficus, Multi ficus,etc. As well as  the wide range of  Chinese alive plants like Sansevieria,Ulmus pumila, Cactus,Cycas revoluta , Bougainvillea,tropical palms, kinds of landscaping tree,

Since we began to export the plants in 2005, we have many years of experiences in packing plants, loading plants to containers from small to large one, good at phytosanitary control for you to past the custom after the plants arrive , and specially focus on the after-sale service.

Sincerely welcome you to visit our nursery and choose the plants in person.

Featured Products

Multi ficus bonsai
Item No.: b023
Multi ficus bonsai
Item No.: b002
S shape ficus
Item No.: S11
S shape ficus
Item No.: S06
ginseng ficus
height: 40cm
ginseng ficus
Landscaping ficus
Item No.: L17
Pyramid ficus bonsai
Item No.: N013 Height:1.3-1.5m
fancy root-ficus bonsai
Item No.: N009 Height:1.8-2m
waterfall ficus bonsai
Item No.: N006
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