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Multi ficus bonsai

Multi ficus
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    Family : Moraceae.

    Origin : India / tropical Asia

    The Ficus microcarpa are houseplants enough "new" and are used to having a green plant easy maintenance, small size and slow growth.

    The leaves are evergreen, nearly 5 cm long and 1.50 cm wide. They are arranged on a petiole 1 cm and are alternate. The leaves are very shiny dark green and lighter green lapels.

    Exposure to partial shade may be very appropriate, as in the full light. Full sun terrace in summer is to avoid, he may come to some leaves fall at the exhibition.

    The ideal temperature indoors is 18 to 22 ° C. Do not hesitate to get in was on balconies and terraces as it also withstands high temperatures. Pot culture suits him perfectly.

    Repotting is after 2 years of growth (after purchase) in a good special soil plants. The bottom of the pot should always be drilled three holes at least 2 cm in diameter. It is also possible at the bottom of the pot of clay beads to facilitate drainage and avoid the roots steeped too long in the irrigation water.

    Tips and Tricks:

    Watering: winter let dry land between two waterings. In summer and growing season, watering should be more regular.

    Fertilizer: Once a month from April until October. A simple enough fertilizer for green plants.

    Care foliage leaves may turn yellow, it can happen with the growth of new leaves or during attacks of red spider (as small mites). Falling green leaves often indicates either a too cold or too hot air stream (beyond 24 ° C), a movement of the pot (he prefers to remain in place) or too frequent watering.

    Treatment: must be monitored attacks mealybugs and spider mites on this plant

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